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About PTS

Pishrotejerat Samadi Co – PTS
More than 90 Years of experience and commitment to the food industry makes us proud

PTS is a reliable, trustworthy and firm business partner for international companies in Iran.

We are one of the great food suppliers that have served the food industry for many years .
supplying monthly volume 5,000 tons of vegetable oil has made us one of the most famous trading companies in East of Iran.
We constantly are growing the boundaries of our connections in the world with international companies.

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  • Supplying raw materials needed by food manufacturers can be considered as PTS main goal
  • Sunflower , soybean , and palm oil and Margarine supply volume about 5000 tons all over IRAN
  • Import of Rice from India and Pakistan and distribute directly to wholesalers
  • We have a lively goods distribution network
  • We outsource and produce tomato paste and canned foods


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Import of Pulses
Import of Rice
Import of Oil seed
Supply of Bulk Vegetable oil
Oil Producing Via Outsourcing
Import of Confectionary Raw Materials

PTS has been out there since 70 years ago.

The family company “Samadi Trading” was founded in 1948 by Mohammad Hadi Samadi. His ancestors, Hossein, Kazem, Abdul Ghaffar and Abdul Samad, have been engaged in business and trade for centuries before in the west and center of Iran. Mohammad Hadi taught business as a teenager and became familiar with the business atmosphere and elegance. He enjoyed great success with his ingenuity and agility and, in spite of his experienced rivals at that time, he was able to export medical plants to Germany, and after several years he became a successful businessman.

Business Partners

Veritas GSIT, a seminar named “A Masterclass in Trading with East Africa” will take place on Tuesday 25 June 2013, 2.30pm – 6.30pm at London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI).