Pishrotejarat Samadi

Apple compote with pieces: the power of apples squared for customized solutions


by Food Business News Desk

Organic quality or integrated quality, sweetened or unsweetened, produced with a single variety or mix: the new apple compote mixes with apple chunks from VOG Products are an excellent example of products which can be customised to your preference. The cans with apple compote mixes with tender apple chunks are products entirely designed to meet customer needs.

The VOG Products producer organisation, based in Laives,(Alto Adige- Italy)  is owned by two South Tyrolean producer organisations and 17 fruit-growing cooperatives. The company processes 300,000 to 400,000 tonnes of fruit from integrated and organic cultivation into apple juice (concentrate and NFC juice), purees and finished products.


Mousse mixes containing apple chunks with a unique and exceptional flavour 

VOG Products recently added a very special product to its assortment: “apple compote with pieces”, in which the creamy texture of the apple mousse meets apple chunks, resulting in an unforgettable flavour. High-quality steamed apple chunks are combined with apple mousse to create a “ready-to-use” product. This opens up a wide range of uses and applications for customers.

Apple mousse with apple chunks is therefore a “wild card” in the world of food products: it is not only used as a base mixture for other recipes, but also as a ingredient for further processing by customers in the food and beverage industry. The many possible uses range from “ready-to-use” apple compote for hotels or canteens to fillings for bakery and confectionary. The mix, which is exclusively composed of fruit, also opens up interesting opportunities for the dairy industry.

Solutions tailored to customers

“We have always aspired to develop customer-specific solutions,” comments Christoph Tappeiner, CEO of VOG Products. “The apple compote with pieces are the result of in-house development. We focused on product customisation to enable numerous applications for our customers.” “For the production of the apple mousse with pieces, we only use top-quality ingredients from controlled or integrated organic farming. This is all backed by our unique supply chain,” explains Tappeiner.

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